Allegory: The Lion and the Unicorn Were Fighting for the Crown


acrylic on 2 panels (corner painting)

20 in x 60in.

Allegories & Archetypes

  The longest study of human success at Harvard found that to have close relationships was the most important signifier of success.  This entertained me,  thus I more closely considered the inclusion of members my own tribe, of our inner circle.  Particulars of each experience of personalities shapes our life.  

The most recent collection of paintings is my historical fiction. A recollection of  those Ive known shaped into archetypal characters akin to a novel and placed as character from allegories populate the canvas. Descriptions of time shared yet through viewed purely through visual language. 

 A collage of  connectedness is the aim.  In the studio I  practice daily to balance the rigor of color and texture in paint in a harmonious way to support the multilevel existance of the subjects.

My background as an athlete comes through in my gestural and active style of painting. Large, sweeping brushstrokes  activate the surface. Women who hold up architecture, Greek & Roman caryatids, reference the archetype of wonder woman, chandeliers hang often in corners and layer with diary style text, Egyptian wall friezes, subjects from the ancient text Bagavaat Gita interplay with still lives as a connector of larger ideas to the present.  Ceramics, architectural elements  and linens meld in a textured or patterned secondary palette. Origin stories like the Bennu bird evolve through playful repeats with add-ins from life.  Much of the work are large oil paintings on canvas yet also include a practice of acrylic works on  panel, sometimes dyptics as corner paintings, paper,  bound overpainted annuals,  these annuals are to investigate past and current work.

Archetype: Caryatid


oil on canvas

70in. x 40 in.